About Learning is Open

Learning is Open is California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports open and authentic learning experiences for young people. We partner with local events in Northern California as their fundraising partner and help them target their giving to local youth-related causes.

Since 2013, LiO has helped target donations to organizations such as The Drew Esquivel Scholarship, Pacific Union College, Running for a Better Oakland, and The Sutter Institute for Health and Healing.

In past years, LiO has also partnered with cultural institutions to create learning programs. Some of those are available on our website learningisopen.org

Our Board

Allison Ray, President
Adam Ray, Treasurer and Secretary
Mark Hauber, Donations Chair

Fundraising Partners

In 2022, we are partnering with these organizations and events to raise money for local causes:

Beer City
Santa Rosa Turkey Trot
Scena Performance
Siberian Unicorn
Sonoma Women’s Triathlon

This list grows longer throughout the year!